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Small groups are welcome.

In the past, confusion has occurred when organisers of small groups haven’t told their friends what to expect at the hostel, so we’ve had to put a few improvements in place to make sure everyone is on the same page.

We need each room to be paid for by one of the people that will be staying in it.  This still allows you (the group leader) to do the donkey work of organising, but enables us to make sure that one ‘responsible adult’ in each room knows all our little ways and makes sure their room-mates are up-to speed.  Practically speaking it just means you give us the email of your chosen ‘grown-up’ and we send them a paypal payment request – at the same time we let them know about outdoor shoes, late nights, early mornings, veggie food and cats…

So, please make sure you know what Hebden Bridge Hostel is about – take note of the panel on the right and read all about our quirks – here.

Please call us (during the open season) on 01422 843183 or email (anytime)

Initially we’ll just need to know what date/s you are thinking of staying, how many people you want to book for and how many (and what type of) rooms.

Once we’ve agreed the booking we’ll need the additional email addresses and the booking fee.



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